Far Infrared Hyperthermia Therapy for Cancer and Degenerative Diseases

Hyperthermia (which means “elevated temperature”) affects cancer and other degenerative diseases by raising the temperature of the cancer cells to a “high fever” range, similar to the way the body naturally uses fever to fight off infections.

During a hyperthermia treatment for cancer, the tumor is heated to a temperature between 40 and 45°C (104 -113° F) for a certain period of time. Since cancer cells can not tolerate high temperatures as well as healthy cells, parts of the cancer cells can become damaged by the heat.

Hyperthermia can be used with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and biotherapy/immunotherapy.

Far Infrared Therapy also aids your body in naturally restoring a state of physical well-being.

The vibratory resonance of Far Infrared Light Therapy gently emits waves of light at a frequency to match the healthy cells of the human body. This non-invasive treatment heats only the affected cells which are eliminated by increasing blood circulation which supports the lymphatic system in excreting wastes through your body’s natural detoxification processes of sweating and urination. Far Infrared Therapy restores the healthy, natural state of cells and releases the pain and discomfort of conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, lymph edema, muscle pain, and headaches. It can also reduce the nausea and pain associated with traditional cancer treatments and medications.

The purpose of fever:

For over 100 years fever has been observed and documented as one of the main causes of so-called miraculous recoveries. Patients who developed a fever recovered and their tumors reduced. When a swamp was drained in the outskirts of Rome, the malaria rate, associated with high fever, dramatically dropped. At the same time the cancer rate in this area went up proportionally. These are documented studies that show that fever is not only designed to kill bacteria and viruses but also cancer cells.

NASA Technology:

Infrared is the light energy we get from the sun that makes us feel warm. NASA technology is used to generate far infrared waves, using special compounds of alumina and silica, which can convert any normal energy into infrared rays very efficiently at room temperature.


Far Infrared Dome Hyperthermia Treatment

The  Far Infrared Dome is equipped with extra powerful, Far Infrared heaters, which are patented for their low EMF technology and sleek design.

A carefully controlled hyperthermia treatment has no toxic side effects. It is currently the best detox treatment there is. It increases your white blood cell count like no chemical substance can and arms your white blood cells with a protein that allows them to attack cancer cells more effectively. In combination with oxygen, it increases hydrogen peroxide in your blood and it supports perfusion of anti-cancer remedies into cancer cells.

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